Why YouTube Is a Single Parent’s Best Friend

Social media often gets a bad rap, but it is a hot commodity in single parent homes.

The path to financial freedom is simple – cut costs, eliminate debt, and increase your income. While the concepts are easy in theory, failure to apply them is what keeps people living paycheck to paycheck.

As single parents, we often feel there is nothing left in the budget to cut. If you get to this point, its time to earn more income. Even still, one of the easiest ways to maximize value while minimizing costs is our good friend YouTube.  

Many people think of YouTube as a cesspool of raunchy videos, silly pranks, and useless fodder that robs kids of their childhood. While I am not a huge fan of social media, the benefits of it on single parent households, and families in general, is phenomenal. I have come to appreciate the wealth of knowledge available on different YouTube channels and encourage everyone to explore them for their own benefit. In my opinion, the platform should be a staple in a frugal home. Read on to find out why.

1.You can learn how to fix things on your own.

If you want information, Google it. If you want to learn how to fix things, YouTube it. There are a plethora of videos available that can educate even the most timid of learners. This is why it is so beneficial for single parent families. Why? Simply put, instead of paying for every little repair, YouTube makes it easy to turn it into a do-it-yourself project, which can save hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars, in the long run. Even if you choose to let someone else complete the task, having the knowledge allows you to make sure its done right. For these reasons, YouTube is a great alternative to a paid handyman in the single parent home.

2. It gives you ideas on activities to do with your kids.

We all know children’s favorite phrase. I was guilty of driving my parents crazy with it when I was younger. The age old decree, “I’m bored!” Well, with YouTube, kids and parents can kiss boredom goodbye, along with overpriced trips to theme parks. From videos on do- it- yourself projects to things to explore, deciding on the next family adventure becomes easy when you start perusing all the channels dedicated to kids and parents. From nature hikes to science exploration, there is never a dull moment with YouTube at your fingertips and you can do everything while staying on budget.

3. You can learn how to build things on your own.

My kids wanted a tire swing. Instead of hiring someone, we binged on tire swing videos, figured out essential materials, learned the types of swings we could build, then set a build date to construct one of our own. It has since provided hours of fun for all the kids in the neighborhood, all while saving me tons of money.

Think of something that would be a fun family project then do your research on YouTube. Watch several videos to get different perspectives, then pick the process that is best for you. Our next project is a fire pit. We’ve already done the research. We’re just picking the best weekend to get the project started. Whatever you choose, make sure it will provide a relief for your family without busting your budget. Save money by learning to build things on your own.

4. It’s a low-cost way to get healthy.

From cooking channels to workout videos, YouTube can provide endless hours of ways to eat healthy, activities to do, and videos you can get fit with. Since attending a yoga studio can get pricey very quickly, finding a great yoga instructor is made easy on the platform. Once you’ve chosen a favorite activity or cooking show, subscribe to the channel, then stay current on the latest trends all while saving money on food and fitness. You may even get your kids involved by exercising with them and cooking along with your favorite chef, all in the comfort of your home.

5. The right videos can provide quality entertainment for your kids.

Finally, while there is much to be avoided on YouTube, there are equal amounts of high quality learning shows and entertainment for your kids. Just be mindful of what they are watching and you can find great joy in allowing them to explore their interest such as airplanes, science, investigations, or simply put, anything! The best part about this is that you can fulfill their thirst for knowledge without spending a penny!

In short, social media has gotten a bad wrap due to some people that use it for vile purposes. However, as a general tool, it is a must have and must needed resource for single parents looking to save money. From providing entertainment to being of practical use, YouTube has become a staple in my home for the reasons stated above and many more.

So how do you use YouTube? What are your favorite channels? Please let us know what great content you have stumbled upon so that we can check it out and benefit as well. Additionally, join our Facebook group, SingleParent$aves, to be connected with super savers like yourself.

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Happy saving, live well!