$ingle Parent $aves is a blog created by a financially experienced single parent of two wonderful kids. From having a credit score over 750 to enduring a bankruptcy and foreclosure, this single parent has turned her circumstances into a mission to help educate others that may have been and/or who are going through financial trials and tribulations.

Throughout life, many people find it taboo to discuss their finances for fear of judgment by others, or not being as financially stable as they would like to appear. While this blog is dedicated to encouraging single parents to save for themselves and their future, the principles shared can be applied by all.

So follow the blog and tell your friends if you like what you read. If not, send me an email to offer suggestions. If there are topics you want to explore, let me know that too.

My mission is to consolidate relevant information, discuss the topics most shy away from, and help all parents achieve financial freedom through the power of knowledge sharing and the comfort of community.






The author(s) of this site has no finance related credentials other than the rich body of literature they have read, skills they have personally applied, and other nuggets of knowledge found online or from the sage wisdom of millionaires next door. Hence, the site should be viewed as a  resource for financial knowledge but no tips given should be used without consulting a financial professional first.